Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wigged out

Ok, this Hallowe'en was the worst. The worst! Mostly in part to my disastrous costume, but also in part to the fact that we couldn't get in anywhere due to a lack of planning and despite having a limo (like we were 17 year old prom kids) we STILL ended up standing around in the cold. Brutal.

First, let me break it down for you. My costume. I was supposed to look like the real life version of Betty Rubble.
In my head, this looked amazing. I had a huge dress that I was going to cut and sew into a kicky little outfit. I had ribbon and foam that was going to turn into the necklace collar and I had the wig. That blasted wig.

So, not having any time during the week, I was left with a 2 hour window to put all this into action. Armed with a stapler and a glue gun, I set out to create a disastrous 'dress' that pulled apart everytime I moved. And for those of you who have seen me dance, you know I like to move! But I had no choice, so I just doubled up on the staples.

I ended up attaching the necklace with hot glue while it was on my neck. Never a good idea, especially with cocktails.

So, this was all pretty bad on its own. Then, I put on the wig.

Seriously, this shouldn't even be allowed to be sold as a wig. It's gotta be something else. A mop attachment? A massive hairball from the world's largest bathtub? This is what I thought I was getting:
Judging by the "girl" on the label, I shouldn't have been shocked. I still can't figure out what kind of creature "she" is. Yikes.

Somehow, in this picture, I am the one with the worst hair.
So, we decided to attack it with scissors and for the second time this year, I ended up looking like Ramona. Only this time, an whacked out, uneven, steel wool hair Ramona.

Needless to say, the night rapidly fell apart from there.

My friends had great costumes and although the twins were sidelined, they're all set for next year. Paul's was the best as he had a whole skit including props that was a hit. Somehow every year he finds a great costume that has him half-naked. Meh, give the people what they want.

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