Monday, November 22, 2010

The Baby Event 2010

It's baby time again! Just last November I was hosting a baby shower for another friend. This time it is lovely Katy who is up next to deliver the next generation. Based on the disastrous cake from last year, (I should probably know how to make this just a link, not the whole address, but whatever) we made this one a potluck and ordered a cake:

Since Katy isn't going to find out the sex of the baby, I wasn't really sure what to write on the cake. It was either this or "Knocked Up!"

It's so wonderful when you're lucky enough to genuinely like your friend's friends. The major life moments always bring you together and it's a pleasure when you actually enjoy their company. Well, except for that Emma chick, who I believe introduced me to her mother as "Dunno, some crazy girl who won't leave."

These showers always prove to be effective birth control for single girls like me - seriously, why does that baby nose story keep getting retold!?!? It must be true! *shiver*

There was lots of great food and I managed to find more wine than I expected, so that was wonderful. Also wonderful was the end of the day when the die-hards sat around reading about the upcoming royal wedding and eating deli meat on the couch.

I didn't subject everyone to any awful shower games but instead we got to prove how removed we are from reality by naming celebrity babies. If you want to play, here you go - how celebrity culture obsessed are you?

Congrats Katy!!
Ok, which of my friends is up for 2011? I have a guess...

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  1. Do you have an answer key for this? Brilliant Game!