Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lincoln Junior High Orientation

Hi everyone! Of course, I understand that using the term 'everyone' is extremely presumptuous, although hopeful.

We all know that people write blogs because they are convinced their thoughts and views on the world are far more interesting, intelligent and amusing than anyone else's. I won't deny this truth as I am now one of the 'blog people'. Instead I will offer up this simple promise: should your job or (sadly) your life warrant or require it, "Winnie Cooper Tells All" will provide a few minutes of the inconsequential. That's all I can guarantee for sure - the rest is gravy.

I know what I like to see in a blog - lots of pictures, frequent posting, lists, the absence of the actual word 'blog' as it sounds disgusting and uncouth - and if you agree, you're in the right place.

Now, with a moderate amount of ado, and although I have to use the word one more time, welcome to my blog!