Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Life is funny sometimes. Just when life bums you out by a lost friendship, other people pop into your life to fill that void. When one person rides the crazy train on out, there’s someone else waiting at the station. (Weak metaphor, I know. But I just really wanted to use the phrase ‘crazy train’. Thank you for your understanding.)

I’ve been fortunate to rekindle some great friendships that actually have the ability to go the distance and, if I am to be honest, are probably much better for me overall. It’s like that super cheesy saying about some friends being around for a reason, a season and a lifetime.
I’ve decided that I would like to become Hamilton’s answer to the socialite. No, this does not mean that my family owns a prestigious Hamilton hotel chain – Visitor’s Inn, anyone? – or that we invented steel. Instead, I will be interpreting it by slowly, but surely becoming a presence on the Hamilton scene.

I am young (or at least the same age as Paris and the hot Kardashian sister), stylish (it’s so wonderful to be a big fish in a small pond) and upwardly mobile. Well, maybe not this month – I may be eating grilled cheese while I write this - but it's in the plan.

Recently, I’ve attended a United Way fundraising dinner at Edgewater Manor, the Hamilton Club for drinks, the AGH Sacks & The City event and tonight I am going to an event at Milli featuring Kimberly Newport-Mimran of Pink Tartan. This is a pretty good week for a Hamiltonian.

Working at my company, I am meeting lots of influential players and Hamilton notables. Since I’ve put down some roots here for a while, I think I would like to explore the possibilities here fully. Yes, I recognize that this will require the exploitation of my friends higher up the social ladder than I, but I will reciprocate with baked goods. Look out Hammer!
Ok, I really need to figure out how much pasta is an appropriate amount for a girl who has already eaten potato chips and some cottage cheese to have for dinner. Every time I end up making way too much and then I feel bad for not being able to finish it. And there is nothing sadder than reheated pasta. I’m talking Cathy comic sad. I think Tupperware makes some sort of contraption - Christmas list alert.
Dating is hard. It just is. Sure, it can be awesome, but even when you like the person, it can be hard. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just sit down with each other and say, “I like you but….” or “I don’t like you because…..” or “I liked you until you did this….” or "I don't like you enough to travel to Toronto...." and save everyone time and energy trying to figure out what they’re thinking. Argh.

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