Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am on a kick. A kick, people! It has been nearly two weeks without junk food. Well, except for a couple mini Hallowe'en chocolate bars and that cupcake at the bank - it would have been rude to refuse their customer appreciation. This is monumental.

In addition, I went to the gym four times last week and already twice this week - it's Wednesday! I credit the LuluLemon pants for inspiring me. They really make me look so good, it's a shame not to trot them out. What sort of Spandex are in those?!?

Tomorrow, I am meeting with my personal trainer/drinking buddy to run me through an evaluation and work-out. I'm pretty nervous for the results, considering the last time I had my fat content measured it was 33% body fat. Yes, I am what you call skinny fat. It's killing me quietly from the inside :).

Many people who meet me often think that I am/was athletic and really into sports - especially volleyball and basketball - must be the height. I am completely not. I mean, it's no surprise they think that given my naturally athletic moves - present since childhood:

(If you can see the ball, you're better than me - it looks like I don't know the goal of this game.)

(And what is up with my legs here - I'm pretty sure they're operating independent of my body. But, boy, am I excited to reach first base. _________insert obvious joke here__________)

And somehow, in ninth grade, I managed to get onto the Delta Girls' Athletic Council. The GAC was a big deal back then and I remember sitting around with all the cool girls in their shorts from soccer practice feeling very out of place. I was probably wearing corduroy from my paper route. I didn't play one single sport in high school, but once I filled in for a scorekeeper at boys' basketball, so that's pretty much the same thing.

Maybe the council needed a 'token lazy' for equality reasons.

I really better buy another pair of LuluLemon pants if I want this streak of exercise to continue. To be perfectly honest though, sometimes I only go to the gym for 20 minutes - but I figure even that is better than nothing. Certainly better than sitting on the couch watching another 30Rock rerun and eating grilled cheese.

I'm even growing my nails, taking vitamins and finally raking my lawn. It's like a whole new me. It's Mevember. Weak, I know. But, I'm getting stronger....

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  1. OMG, the pictures of you playing baseball are fabulous. You made my day, thank you!