Sunday, January 31, 2010

LG Short Film Fest

Happened upon this event on Thursday - the finale of the LG Film Fest at the MOD Club. I invited Julie and Ryan and had no idea what to expect. Turned out to be pretty fun - open bar, free popcorn, George Strombolopolous, Jamie King, short films, swag and a K-Os concert.

One thing that was shocking and annoying was how loud and disrespectful the crowd was. People are talking, films are being viewed and so many people were completely and rudely not paying attention. George and two other hosts had to not only shush the crowd, but actually ask for them to quiet down. Several times. It was like trying to wrangle 500 second graders.

I made the roving photog take this photo twice because I looked pregnant. Turns out it's just the shirt I chose.
There were four films that were finalists, each under 5 minutes. I had two favourites, one was the winner.

Favourite #1: Til My Voice Is Gone

This film is so sweet, endearing and I love the song. It's a really cute 5 minutes. You should watch it. Apparently, the lead is Ed Asner and I think I was supposed to recognize him, but I didn't.

Favourite #2: Nuit Blanche

This reads most like a film and it's visually beautiful. It won first place and $100,000. I like the idea it puts forth, that life is about those fleeting moments that could always be around the corner. The possibility.

Friday, January 29, 2010

White on, Kate!

It's award season! The play-offs for women. Finally, the couple months a year where the girls and I gather around the TV for the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, and the big kahuna: the Oscars. The best part of course is the fashion.

Recently, I've really been feeling Kate Hudson's choices. Maybe she's been choosing white to make the public think of her as pure and virginal as she boffs Alex Rodriguez. But whatever the reason, it's working.

Golden Globes:
SAG Awards:

They both remind me of one Eva Mendes' dress from last year - the standout for me.

I can't wait for the big night(s) because I need the answers to the following questions:
- will Jennifer Aniston EVER put her hair up?
- will Drew Barrymore continue to think she's America's Sweetheart despite the mounting evidence that she is more America's Saccharine Annoyance?
- will my Oscar party dress give me a rash again? Or can I steer cilear from gold lame this time?
- will Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin be the best host match-up since...hmmmm

5 days til nominations come out!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thoughts of a Crazy Girl with Insta-Crush

Don't you love those rare moments when you see/meet someone you actually like? The thoughts that race through my head are totally ridiculous.

The other night I was at College Street Bar with my boss; we were scouting out a band for some upcoming weddings. As we sat and sipped our Pinot Grigio, it turned into Beautiful Man night at the bar- I guess Sundays are good for that. Note to self.

So we're sitting, listening, gossiping, judging (as we do) and I noticed Beautiful Man: Exhibit 1 at the end of the bar. Sadly, all of these thoughts entered my mind at some point:
- Wow. Is he for real?
- I have to text SB - we are so coming here next weekend.
- Nice shirt - I like the sleeves rolled up, all casual-like. He doesn't care.
- Should I get some more wine? I like wine.
- He's taller than me!
- He's alone!
- Whatever happened to Sade?
- If this bitch behind me elbows me one more time....I sure hope I don't have to figure out how to finish this thought.
- I wonder if I could slyly take a picture. Hmmm. Too stalker? Yes.
- Uh, where'd he go?! Ok, there he is.
- Well-groomed, good dresser, chill, has rhythm, check, check, check.
- Oh no, what if he's gay?
- I'm going to text SB and tell her I think he might be gay.
- What if he thinks I'm with Rob? Why can't he act more gay? Maybe he should but his scarf back on. The hot pink shirt isn't enough.
- Ok, that's better.
- Wait, he's drinking a pint of beer. I'm pretty sure that means straight. I have never seen Rob drink beer. I don't think I've even heard him say 'beer'.
- He's looking over here. Smile. Uh uh, not too much!
- Why did I wear this? You know vests make you look like a lesbian! You know this!!!
- Oooh, I think that was a smile back. Although it's pretty dark in here.
- He's waving!!!
- Not at you...put your hand down. Talk to Rob.
- Sigh.
- Ok, but he's still alone, just making small talk, not making out with his girlfriend. Or boyfriend.
- What? Rob wants to go? Nooooooo. Ply him with more wine. Talk about his shoes, he loves that.
- Keep smiling.
- Fine, we'll go. Eye flirt, eye flirt. There you go. Take a mental picture - seriously, it's a guarantee you won't meet a man that beautiful for at least another couple months, more if you stay in Hamilton.
- One foot in front of the other, look over shoulder, looking at you! Ok, that's enough.
- Sigh.


I am a home owner!!! After looking for more than 6 months, I have purchased a house. It is old, full of character (i.e. needs some love), in a desirable pocket of a typical Hamilton neighbourhood (shut it Sammy.) and I expect that I will heart it very much.

I'm almost more excited about having an apartment than having a house. Moving out!! I have tenants in the upstairs apartment so instantly I have become a landlady. Yikes.In surveying my house, I have found the following features:
- stained glass windows, high baseboards, hardwood floors, French doors = all good
- ceiling fans = both disgusting
- orange linoleum kitchen floor = awful, unless they're due for a comeback
- green doors and porch accents = what were people thinking in the '40s?
- dead mouse
- low ceilings in basement = will surely result in at least two black eyes per month (watch for them)
- a bathroom mirror that only comes up to my clavicle = will surely develop back issues or an incredibly beautiful neck (watch for them)
- eggs thrown onto my back porch = it is only a matter of time before I become that crazy broom-wielding lady with curlers in my hair screaming at the rapscallions. Except my hair doesn't hold curls very well.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I got another haircut. And, much like the mullet of '01, I hate it. I have had only one good hair cut in my entire life...and of course it was the one no one noticed.

Random Stylists that I seem to gravitate toward, please pay attention:

- Stop digging the scissors into the back of my neck. If I bleed, it better be free.

- Quit asking me where I'm from. I'm not from Bosnia, Italy, or Nunavut. I'm from a faraway land called "I Really Need You To Shut The Hair Up."
- Do not pull my earring out of my ear and then not help me look for it.

- Leave my jugular alone.

- Stop wearing leg warmers.

and most importantly, never make me look like Ramona Quimby, Age 8 ever again.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Return of Winnie

I am a chronic returner. Somehow, I think I return more than I buy and in most cases, I enjoy the refund more than the purchase. Yesterday, I reached a new level in my hobby: I returned 4 items I had bought last week and actually made money! How is that possible? I could now make my returning into a profitable side career.

I look at returning as a challenge. In the past I have successfully returned the following:
- one pair of running shoes that had been worn by sweaty boy in 2 basketball games (required dedicated cleaning that was in vain when salesgirl didn't even open the box)
- one toaster that I had bought at a garage sale - returned to the original retailer
- gum
- magazine subscriptions
- embarrassingly, a line of skin care products that I bought from an infomercial. Yes, they might have been from Cindy Crawford.

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year's Eve...15 days later

I thought I would finally post about New Year's Eve. Everyone always hates on this night, but I really like it. I like how everyone in the world is doing the same thing at the same time (yeah, yeah, I know about time zones, shut up). Or if they're not counting down, they are at least aware that it is NYE. There is a buzz in the air.

Many of my past NYEs have been house parties, dinners, combinations of both and last year, New York City. I like whatever I end up doing to be special. It can't just turn out like any other night. Even if the difference is something small like champagne, it's has to be distinctive.

This year the Fab Four took to the clubs. I've never done the Toronto club thing for NYE so I was really looking forward to it. In hindsight, there was a reason why chosen club was so cheap to get in: rife with 19 year olds and unyielding bouncers. Just as I was organizing the kids to rush the doors, I was allowed in to get our tickets, the clock quickly ticking towards mindnight. Once I got our tickets, it was like trying to get a spot on one of the Titanic lifeboats. And the captain didn't take too kindly to my offer of anqitue pocket watch.

We did get in, ended up doing the countdown twice due to faulty clocks, stealthily ate and drank from drunk kids' VIP booths, watched said kids vomit on trays of cheese, narrowly missed numerous fights and, I think, danced a bit. I always have fun with my friends and I managed to get sufficiently tipsy, so I had a wonderful time.
The age old question: Labatt 50 given to me as a joke or $60 champagne that tastes just like the $13 bottle. The brand new answer: both.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adventures in Real Estate

I've always been a homemaker. Just without a home. Of course I have my parents' home, but I've wanted my own place as far back as I can remember. I used to have full-on dinner parties and pretend I was 30 when I was 18. My own towels, my own linen closet, my own dishes, everything to call mine. I'm sure it comes down to control, but I'm ok with that.

So, since July I have been househunting, with the invaluable assistance from my Dad, for that perfect (or close to it) little place where I can organize the coats in the hall closet to all face the same way. Yes, I would do that and no, I don't expect you to notice. Although I expect 2 people in particular to come over and mess it up.

Over the past six months, I have seen the good (and therefore out of my price range), the bad (full of sketchy cokehead tenants) and the moldy. I want a duplex or triplex that I can rent out in a neighbourhood that doesn't make me lock my doors as I drive down the street.

It's been an eye-opening experience. It's qutie strange to walk into someone's home and judge where and how they live. Sure, I'm considering the baseboards and plumbing as well, but I definitely check out their bookcases and raise my eyebrows at their wall colour choices. And seriously, what was up with that guy owning 4 Celine cds? Even I don't own that many. Ahem.

There have been weird cat ladies - 3 cats which I ended up chasing down the street, pothead teenagers who I think thought we were cops, many baby mommas and a kindly nurse who plugged her fridge into her stove. It's humbling to see how people live. We saw a five-plex on Herkimer that would blow your mind.

I've also been learning a little bit. I know that knob and tube wiring is a bad thing, but I'm not quite sure why. Also, I...well actually that might be all I've retained.

The search continues, but whenever I see a place with potential I am already envisioning paint colours, furniture placement and how to fold the sheet sets in the linen closet. I'm dying to do that grocery trip where I buy all the essentials one needs to open a kitchen. Can't wait to buy 3 types of mustard and Diana sauce that I will never use.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I don't have cable. I have never had cable. So, when everyone was talking about the latest OLP music video in ninth grade, I had no clue. But I could definitely tell you everything that happened in the latest Sweet Valley High book. Unless ninth grade is too old to be reading those. So, when I finally get to see a video I like, I stick with it.

My favourite video of all time is "Cool" by Gwen Stefani. ALL time. It is phenomenal. Visually stunning, so romantic, whimsical and takes my breath away every time I watch it. It's just beautiful. Plus the song is pretty great as well. Really, it's the dream. The ideal way to be with a past love.

I adore everything about this video. Enjoy.

I've been Snuggified

I think it would be safe to presume that at least 65% of Canadians either gave or received The Snuggie this Christmas. You all know what it is from the brilliant infomercials. I obviously looked at them with disdain since they are so, so ugly. However, like Michelle, I recently got into one.

They are magical. I don't know how they do it, but The Snuggie put me out instantly. Maybe it's the fleece. Or all the blue. Or, actually it could be the copious amounts of cheese I had consumed, but as soon as I put my arms through the extremely convenient sleeves, I conked out. Cheese coma? Or successful Snuggie experience?

Long live The Snuggie!!

**Yes, as you may have realized, I have figured out how to embed links. Look out Internet!**