Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's here...

Ok, it's official, people: Christmas is here. It is exactly one month until the day. I have now heard my favourite Christmas song, seen egg nog on grocery shelves and been to my first holiday party. There's no turning back.

I'm going to get my own Christmas tree this weekend - a very exciting first for me. Well, on my own, I mean. I have a possibly crappy tree stand that I bought at a garage sale and a couple ornaments I picked up too. I expect to have a very sparse set-up this year because I like a tree to be trimmed with unique and sentimental ornaments, rather than buying a matchy matchy set. Maybe I'll festoon it with popcorn and cranberries. Anyone want to come over and string them for me? Sounds tedious.

Even though I seem to be the last person on earth still buying CDs, I would like to pick this one up. Somehow it got overlooked in my Mariah Carey collection, but it's full of gems. She looks like a minx.

This year I'm going to do things differently. I may have said this before. I plan on sending out my Christmas cards by December 3. Instead of spending 4 days baking a variety of cookies, many of which don't turn out, I am going to simplify and focus. 3 or 4 recipes that are proven great like thumbprints, shortbread and nanaimo bars. No more stupid gingerbread with broken necks and crumbly knees. I'm also going to do as much shopping online as possible. Books, you're all getting books! I'm going to try and eat more ham.

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