Friday, November 5, 2010

Costume Line-up

A chronicle of recent and not so recent Hallowe'en costumes. Look at all the buns! Next year, I'm going to pick a costume that has long, free-flowing, crazy hair. Maybe Rapunzel?

1999. This costume was a labour of love. My friend's mom toiled for many evenings to make these for us. Mine was pretty huge on me, but it's still pretty great.

2006. This was obviously a costume I came up with last minute. I'm talking 20 minutes-to-get-out-the-door last minute. I was in library school at the time, so it was fitting. I needed a book to complete the libarian look so my mom gave me a Bible. She said I should leave it at the party so someone might pick it up and be converted. Instead, I'm afraid someone probably used it to prop up a keg.

2007. Ok, another bun. And have you ever seen a "Japanese" person with bigger eyes? Seriously. Ridiculous, but essentially I got to wear my bathrobe to work. And slippers. The funny this is that I was working at a waitress at a private golf club and was scheduled to work in the men's solarium that day. Women weren't allowed and it was pretty much an old boys' club. Having a leggy geisha in there didn't really help matters. Yes, I heard every comment that drunk mid-life crisis guys could come up with. And yes, that is Wonder Woman next to me. Fabulous.

2008. Bun city. And gangly limbs. I think those elbows could poke an eye out. I clearly don't remember any ballet positions from age 6 and it's obvious I don't know what to do with my body here. I made that tutu with a stapler. I can do anything with a stapler and guarantee that it will hold up for at least 20 minutes.

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