Friday, April 26, 2013

A Recap

Life has run away with me again, leaving me with no time to blog.  But I have exactly one hour before I leave to go on a bus tour to Pittsburgh with 25 young professionals to see what lessons can be learned from that city's transformation from steel hub to creative centre, so I will fit in what I can.

Let's see what I can cover.

Family Wedding - this was the first wedding for either side of my family and all the cousins were in attendance.  It was great fun, but there was this photographer who was completely ridiculous - he kept laying down in the aisles, nearly resting his head on the father of the groom's lap and just being all around awkward.  You can't really tell from this picture, but that's his foot in the aisle - he's full on lying down.

The raccoons have been wreaking havoc on my lawn - apparently in the search for grubs that are wreaking havoc on my lawn roots.  Awesome.  I've been told that human hair, cayenne pepper or these other bugs will fix the problem.  Sounds like I just need the eye of a newt and the potion should be complete.

My beloved dollhouse that I time-share with my friend Dru has finally made it back into my possession.  I think our arrangement must be that she gets it for two and a half years, then I do.  It's so awesome - vintage, from Eatons in the 60s...I have more fun with it than a 31 year old should.


Come ON with the teeny tiny New York Times!  There's something about small things that really appeals to me.  I'm not sure why, but a regular sized copper tea kettle is only a fraction of how interesting a teeny tiny copper tea kettle is.

I thought this ad was pretty clever.  At first you think it's just for some sort of skin product, but then you read closer...

...and you realize it's for the Hamilton airport.  Well done.


My major work conference has been monopolizing a lot of my time lately and my kitchen became delegate bag central last week.

I hate to sound like an old lady, and I know that the music festival Coachella is the most absurd, hippie, hipster place to be, but what are the kids wearing these days?!  You LOOK RIDICULOUS.

Seriously, look at this guy.  No, look again.  Sigh.


Dodgeball is over for another season.  We came in second place in our division and were undefeated for every game but one.  We have improved an incredible amount since our first season and I think we have a strong and cohesive team now.  It has been my favourite thing of the week, hands down.  I love the nervous feeling I get on Thursday afternoons as I get ready for the game.  And win or lose, it's always such an adrenaline rush.  And now, I have a hat to show for it, which I will wear proudly.

Ok, I'm off to Pittsburgh now - I am preparing myself for cheese steaks.  Oh, wait, that's Philadelphia.  Nevermind.