Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend "Rap" Up

After a fabulous weekend, I maintain the following: it is so much better to go out, give it a shot and be present than to pass it up and stay home. You never know what will happen, how much fun you will have, what kind of experiences you will have or who you'll meet. I'm glad I lived my weekend.
Dinner at the usual Thai place with rude servers and balls made entirely of pork (with the consistency of something bouncy) was followed by the batting cages, mini-golf and the bungee trampoline. I am officially addicted to baseball batting. I want to work up to the 'fast baseball' pitches by the end of August.

Pipes, I know. Ok, what is wrong with my camera?

Then I made my friends watch as I bounced above the treeline on the trampoline. I was like a giddy child - seriously, I went SO high!

Then mini-golf. Mini-golf - meh. I don't know, I've never been crazy about it. It's too dated and slow....I need to bounce!! It always reminds me of what you do on a second date when someone wants to seem creative or romantic - it's awful.

Saturday I crossed two things off my Summer Goals 2009 list with my friend Katy - Beats, Breaks and Culture and Honest Ed's. The first was super cool and reminded me of my summer in Ottawa 2007 with my b-girl roommate Lauren. She once took me to a sneaker pimps show - not the band, but actual sneaker pimps.

BBC was great - we watched the semi-finals of the break dancing competition, saw the graffiti contest and listened to some fairly bad hip hop karaoke. Some of the b-boy groups had names like Twisted Ankles, Flying Antics, Fresh Format and my personal favourite, Rhythm Architects.

There was lots of smack talk, gesturing and particularly a certain kind of prancing that happened when someone did a fly move or spun on his head. Yeah, I say 'fly' now. Get used to it.

Look how street we look!

The MC guy - a hottie named Benzo - liked to say "Show up and throw down". I may make this a personal motto. That or "Yeeeah son". Let's see how long it takes before people get annoyed with me saying that.

Honest Ed's was pretty much what I expected - like a dollar store with loud hand-painted signs. I bought a couple cake pans, but mostly I just walked around, my senses assaulted. I don't think I agree with the claim that Honest Ed's is Toronto's version of New York's Macy's or London's Harrod's, but I'm glad I went.

All the way home I was on this hip hop high. I literally was car break dancing - my own little version that includes finger snapping (why doesn't my left hand snap well?), amateur pop and lock, the Running Man with just my arms and basically getting down to this hip hop/house mix on 93.5. I think I even brushed imaginary dirt off my shoulder.

No, I know I did.

I rode that high the rest of the night and the regular inner crew hit up the club. Such a fun night filled with Akon sightings, the robot and 3 am last ditch pitches for hot tubs. The only blemish was Shari punching out that creeper. Yeeah son.


  1. Maybe we should have had the Sunday call, clearly there are things I need to be updated on (e.g., Shari "punching out that creeper").

    Nice pic of the contest by the way. Did you get any good ones of your boy Benzo?