Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Effortlessly better than you

It's no secret that I enjoy a good chick flick or rom-com any day of the week. Recently, I saw "The Proposal" which could accurately have been called "The Ridiculous Plot That Allows For Two Enemies To Fall In Love Within Three Days Set In Alaska For No Conceivable Reason". Recently and regrettably, I've even plucked "Bride Wars" from the library shelf. And watched it.
I've been noticing a familiar face in many of the chick flicks I've seen lately - Candice Bergen.

She has a strong grip on the Mother Superior of Girly Movies title and she isn't letting go any time soon. Let's review:

- Miss Congeniality - Pageant queen who mentors the contestants and runs the show but (*spoiler alert if you're an idiot*) ends up being the bad guy.

-Sweet Home Alabama - Mother of the Groom/Mayor of NYC (yeah, right) who the leading lady has to impress in order to marry He Of The Overtousled Hair.

- View From the Top - Veteran stewardess who takes a badly blonded Gwyneth under her wing and encourages her to shoot for "Paris, first class, international."

- The In-Laws - I don't know, but I'm sure I've seen it and it was probably terrible.

- Sex and the City (television and film) - Successful Vogue editor who the leading lady has to impress but (*spoiler alert if you're an idiot*) ends up being just as flawed as everyone else - and looking very chunky in the film to boot.

- The Women - I know I saw this one but it was so awful I've forgotten her part - but let me take a wild guess, she played the older role model the other women strive to emulate.

- Bride Wars - Top wedding planner who can make every lame-o girl's dream come true - the Plaza in June. Chic, organized and effortlessly better than you.

I really dig Candice. I think she's refined, polished and smart. The way she has used her age to her advantage in Hollywood is genius. She is completely believable in these roles. And most importantly, someone needs to put Sarah Jessica Parker in her place.

As I reread this, I'm loving the phrase "effortlessly better than you". May try to add that to "fly" in my summer vernacular.

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