Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stupid News

Those little News Nuggets that run on the bottom half of the City Pulse news channel are often highly entertaining. And ridiculous.

- North Americans prefer white male employees to women or minorities, study shows.

Seriously? This is news? Who is doing this inane study anyway? This just in: It's been raining a lot this summer and cereal is best served in a bowl with milk.

- Canadian Space Agency eyes 2020 as man to walk on moon.

Ok, this one is just embarrassing. Hello? This has been done....40 years ago!!! Are we trying to look like America's slow cousin? Perhaps we should put our money and talents into something new and remarkable like putting a person on another planet or figuring out who killed JFK. At this level of innovation we're probably also eyeing to finally elect a black Prime Minister in 2059.

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