Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dull weather chitchat

I think Southern Ontario is in a collective funk. Or at least I am tonight and last night. I mostly blame our weather. Well, that and the garbage smell slowly wafting downwind toward Hamilton.

This isn't summer, this is a pleasant November. I can't remember when I saw the sun last and my vitamin D (that's the one you get from sunshine, right?) deficiency is causing me to mope around in a sullen mood. Plus, I'm cold because I refuse to bow to the mercury - it's summer, I'm wearing dresses! That's it.

Everyone loves to talk about it too. There are three things that are currently on the small talk menu for discussion with strangers at bus stops, with the neighbour while mowing the lawn and during any sort of line up with anyone annoying. They are:

- My, what unseasonable weather we're having!
- Have you seen "Bruno" yet?
- Can you believe they're still striking?

Yes, I've now resorted to blogging about the weather. Sigh.

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