Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Goals 2009 Midterm Review

It is almost August. Sigh. I have only a month or so to complete my Summer Goals 2009 - so let's review my progress.

- go to the batting cages COMPLETED

- drink as much pink lemonade as possible COMPLETED and ONGOING

- go to Dairy Queen at least once every two weeks MORE THAN COMPLETED and ONGOING

- have a picnic in the park

- Beats, Breaks & Culture Fest at Harbourfront Centre with Katy COMPLETED

- see "Julie vs. Julia" with Katy

- spend an entire day shopping up and down Queen Street - from Parliament to Lansdowne.

- visit the Toronto Zoo

- drive to Saugeen Bluffs

- visit Honest Eds COMPLETED

- read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and "Love In The Time Of Cholera" ONGOING

- wear as many dresses as possible. 2009 is the summer of dresses COMPLETED and ONGOING

I have also added the following items to my list:

- get a ride on a motorcycle (completing this will not only be fun but will put me ahead with my newest crush)

- swim in pool any warm day we get

- make pesto with my fresh basil

- get a haircut

- make water balloons and find someone to toss them with

- take long bike ride (to Oakville? Toronto?)

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