Monday, August 23, 2010

You saw it here first.

Here is a collection of the weird, notable or 'whatever' things that have passed into my field of vision this week. They each struck me in some way that warranted me getting out my camera. *shrug*
I just like the colours of this. Delivering a present to a friend on my bicycle with a basket - is there a better way to spend 6:15 -7:00pm on a summer Wednesday evening?

In case you've ever wondered what it looks like when you buy 75 picture frames at Ikea. It looks like you're a freak. Or super vain. A woman asked me (even after I said, "Don't ask.") and I had to explain that the reason she can't have a frame is because I need them ALL for a 'work thing'. Legit, but people never get it. I once had to buy 58 throw pillows and then try to fit them in my car. This is not as easy as you would think. And yes, if you are familiar with the layout of the Burlington Ikea, I am in line for a hot dog.
Speaking of dogs, don't you love seeing this? Don't you wish we could be so free-wheeling? Sometimes I feel this way when I ride my bike really fast then look up to the sky with a big grin. Try it, it's fun.
Bakery box with 6 pecan tarts in it. The grease/butter really looks like Mickey Mouse. And the crust bit there almost looks like lips. It's the little things, people.

I thought it was finally time to move the last boxes from my parents' house and fully move in. This meant bringing over the board games. It is ridiculous how many trivia games I have. Like, 9 Trivial Pursuit versions. I'm addicted. Wanna come over and play?

St. Lawrence Antique Market on Sunday afternoon. I don't know. Kinda freaky deaky.

I just love this house in my neigbourhood. The wrap around porch, the wicker, one level, by the park - it's just the perfect little retirement home. It's so sweet. I always pass by and want to curl up on the porch, just for a minute.

Look how healthy I am! That's salmon and a green vegetable. Several, actually! Felt very adult eating this.

I admire this person's commitment, I'll give them that. You can't see, but it matches the house. It's fun. At least, it's fun in the middle of August. After I've been riding on my bike while grinning to the sky.

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