Friday, August 13, 2010

Shameless Hamilton promotion

I know I rag on a lot about Hamilton, but I actually don't mind this city. There are really amazing places here, and while you have to drive through some scum to get there, it's worth it. Besides, that scum often provides me with blog posts.

However, Hamilton needs a serious image makeover. And I know that the people responsible for these two ad campaigns agree, but have gone about it in the worst possible ways. I don't think the intended result is laughter and head shaking. Seriously, these are just embarrassing.

1. Oh, did you hear? Hamilton is now the City of Waterfalls! This came out a while ago, but it's still so bad. Who is this woman singing? I think it's safe to say she is a terrible singer. Ugh - it makes me cringe.

2. These water ads have been springing up everywhere in the city. Yes, I drink tap water, but I wasn't aware we needed an ad campaign for it. Are people really not drinking tap water? I read that the people in these ads volunteered for them as they must be very passionate about drinking tap water. Well, aren't we all though?

If you're going to stare through a glass of water you're promoting, shouldn't the water/glass be super crystal clear? Little cloudy, no?

This doesn't even make sense. And, I'm sorry, but is that beer stein he's drinking from? Oh brother. We get it - you're badass.

This one is my favourite. And by 'favourite' I mean the one I love to hate the most. Who lets a grown man sit like that? I'm embarrassed for him. Is he saying that is his preferred position in which to drink Hamilton tap water? He thinks he's Burt Reynolds on that fur rug.

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