Thursday, August 12, 2010

Attack of a Dress

Saturday night. New dress. Mojitos. All is going according to plan. Put on the dress, ask friend to zip it up. What followed was the worst 20 minutes of the night - and likely the worst 30 seconds of your day if you watch the clip below. What resulted was me wearing an old dress (see, Katy? This is why you overpack!) and drowning sorrow in more mojitos.

This clip is ridiculous. I didn't know I sound so shrill. Blaming it on mojitos. The gasping you hear is me trying to inhale my ribcage to get the zipper down. I was starting to panic a bit and getting claustrophobic in the pink confection dress. It really is so, so pretty. It's worth whatever a seamstress charges me to wear it at least once.

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