Monday, August 2, 2010

Seriously, guy?

This is funny:

Texting is the dating way these days. It can't be avoided. And according to some of the guys in my life, boring texts can't be avoided either. Seriously, people, if you are 'courting' me via text there are exactly two reasons to text me.

1) to be flirty
2) to be funny

If your text does neither of these things, don't even bother. Especially if I have just met you and we are in the precarious early stages where I don't really care that you bought new shoes today or that your new apartment has a gym. Why are you boring me with the details of your day? Or asking me how my day is? That's all fine and good if it's accompanied by something that makes me smile.

Also, although it should go without saying, if you're spelling things incorrectly, might as well press 'END'. If your text makes me roll my eyes or sigh when I read it, that is never a good sign. And I am finally now recognizing these signs and acting accordingly and swiftly. No time for things that don't make me smile. Instead, I'd be better off going back and reading old saved text messages from other people that still make me smile months or years later.


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