Friday, August 13, 2010


This morning I was awoken by the smoke detector going off in my living room. Disoriented, I raced upstairs, only stopping to bash my forehead on the basement ceiling. I had to jump on the couch and angrily paw at the hardwired blaring sphere to finally quiet it. As I climbed down, I heard my cell phone ringing downstairs. Flew down the stairs only to reach it just as the caller had hung up. Catching my breath, my alarm starting screaming at me. All this within a 30 second span. Ok! Ok! I'm up. Wonderful way to start the day.
Every Saturday I have a little routine going - one that has just evolved over time. Breakfast that includes bacon, and sometimes only bacon, bike ride to neighbourhood garage sales, and then the following 3 stops:

- check out latest Vanity Fair because I am too 'thrifty' to subscribe to the best magazine out there.
- pay my $1.00 fine because I keep thinking I'm going to actually watch 'Nine' or 'The Blind Side' and I never do and am always late in returning them.
- consider checking out one of the classics I haven't gotten around to reading, like David Copperfield, Jane Eyre or The Firm
- actually check out the latest and brightest 'chick lit' - although I really hate this term, because the novels I read really aren't as bad as this title suggests. But what else do you call novels by women, for women that usually centre around women living in some metropolis and that may or may not include a character named Emily?

Canadian Tire
- clip gas coupon for extra Canadian Tire money
- buy a variety of items that may include but are not limited to: cooler bag for the beach, cans of paint for latest DIY project, milk, frying pan, Canada flag and kitchen blinds which I will later return.
- hold up the line while I pay for my purchases with Canadian Tire money - why aren't more people doing this?? It's FREE money, people!

Millionaire's Daughter - consignment furniture shop
- say hello to owners who now know me by name
- check to see if lamp I want is still there and if the price has dropped
- buy piece of furniture that I will then take to the upholsterer across the street

However, as I go about this pleasant Saturday morning routine, I always have to see this guy as I drive around. It's so awful.

(Normally, I would apologize about the photo quality because I snapped it while speeding by with my eyes closed, but trust me, you don't want better quality.)

It has become sorely clear that I am a person destined to have a job or livelihood that will always include moving couches at some point or another. What is that about? Even if my job is fun, at times glamourous, satisfying and rewarding, it got to be all that because I moved a couch. Weird.
I saw a woman wearing a skirt made out of a Tiger Cat flag. She wasn't even at or near a football game of any kind. In fact, she was in the business section of town on a Tuesday morning. That's Hamilton for you folks, loyal to their team, but ignorant of style and decency.
There is this song on the radio that has a part near the end where the girl says/sings "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom". I quite like the song, but I love this part. It's so random.

It reminds me of this time in 9th grade during silent reading time (remember that?). I was reading Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence and singing Whitney Houston songs in my head. Obviously. I was always a multi-tasker. My friend Kim was sitting in the desk next to me and I guess, without knowing it, I blurted out, "Chaka Khan" which is the end part of some Whitney song. Again, very random. Kim looked over at me, "Did you just say Chaka Khan!?!" There isn't really an explanation for that one. I don't even think I knew who Chaka Khan was. Does anyone really though?
I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a cardigan on it. Now, that's funny. Someone I know should get that one.

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