Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Talkie talkie

Things I hate hearing people say:

- "Yeah, we were just hanging out, shootin' the shit." It's so vulgar. Plus, I'm not sure where it originated - what does it even mean??
- "Don't worry about it," when I ask a simple question. Ok, listen, I'm NOT worried about it, I just want to know. It makes me sound like I've been up nights obsessing about it. So patronizing.
- "Oh, thanks hon," when said to me by someone female and younger than me. Don't call me 'hon'. I don't like you.
- "Can I see your licence and registration?"
- "What's that?" or "Huh?" when they've probably actually heard what I've asked, but they're so used to being annoying that their knee-jerk response makes it seem like they didn't hear. I usually don't answer, but give their brain time to catch up with their stupid mouth until they realize they did hear me and answer properly.
- "Oh sorry, we're all out of the pie. Hon."

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