Saturday, September 19, 2009


Major garage sale/antique show last weekend.

The Mohawk College United Way Garage Sale is always the highlight of my September. Well, that and my birthday. My friend Jen and I go every year and usually I leave with more Trivial Pursuit editions than I can carry. Here's what I picked up this year: (sorry, for the poor quality)
Turns out I'm now into collecting crystal decanters. I found three in one day and I actually think they're pretty cool. I just have to figure out a good way to figure out which is vodka.

Even though I promised I wouldn't buy any more trivia, especially since I no longer host, I couldn't resist one edition - it's pretty recent. Usually the questions I get from garage sale trivia centre around Clark Gable movies, the stuff people used to do before TV, radio plays and recent world leaders like Churchill, Roosevelt and Jesus.

After I picked up this globe, everyone that saw it kept commenting on it - it's a conversation piece before I even get it home. Plus, doesn't everyone want to know coastlines looked like before global warming? Of if Timbuktu actually exists? I have been looking for a picnic basket all summer and I came across many that day. It was like last year when every other booth had a foot bath. Seriously, why would someone buy that second hand?
The pink thing in the second picture came free with the basket. Or I snuck it in and didn't mention it. Whatever. Apparently it's a hot dog holder. But, it's Tupperware and as you know, my policy on Tupperware is: see it, buy it.

Ok, this was a totally weird purchase. We were down on the ground and Jen was rooting around Polly Pocket dolls and I thought, hmm, this is kinda funny - maybe I can make this work somehow in my bathroom. I'm pretty sure I'll end up giving it to Jen's daughter. Plus it's plastic - what was I thinking?
Obviously, these are my favourite item of the day. Mint condition, my size, never could I pass them up? I haven't been on them yet, because I'm a little afraid, but I think I'll give it a go tomorrow.
Frames...meh. But I'll paint them black and cool them up a bit.
I have never been to an antique show before but there is a huge one that happens twice a year in Dundas. I took my Dad's truck with the intention of filling it with treasures. There must have been at least 200 vendors and I meandered for over 3 hours. I kinda like saying I spent my Saturday 'antiquing' like a prideful yuppie. But it really seems like something only couples should do. Or old people. Or old couples. I got a few discounts because I was the young thing and people were so happy "the new generation is getting into it."

The things I picked up seemed really awesome in the bright sun while I was all hopped up on mahogany and the 1920s. Back in the harsh reality of my life, I'm not so sure. But I figure that it's my time to get cheap and ugly furniture. And I still maintain it's better that the latest at Leon's.

This piece I actually haggled for. It reminded me of an old desk my Dad had. I'll have to repaint it, but I liked the size and the little shelf that pulls out at the top. I pulled the "poor student" routine and the woman fired back with the "poor antique dealer" routine. Well played, Betsy.

I really liked how this seemed very 50s and I will put it in my kitchen. It's made of tin or some sort of metal and is vaguely yellow. I got this for a steal - $35. And yes, I bargained with them. Actually, I became pretty good at the haggle. I didn't pay the asking price for anything. Although I found that I really have no idea the value of things - I had a price in my head for this other table and when I asked it actually cost approximately 865 times more. Huh.

This really seemed very 50s cocktail bar to me. There is a space cut out on the top for ice and the black and gold appealed to me. I totally bashed it up when I drove it home (I didn't have enough foresight to bring any packing materials). Won't it look so great with my crystal booze decanters!!?
I got this woman to throw this ottman in for free. I mean, please. It's seen better days and I'm pretty sure it came from my grandma's living room circa 1983. Gotta love the vinyl and the top lifts up to store stuff in it - I imagine sewing kits or flasks of scotch.

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  1. Exactly how many flasks of scotch do you plan to keep stashed around when you get your own place?