Saturday, September 12, 2009

Massacre of an Innocent Drive

I've been doing a lot of driving this week, as I pick up the most random things for a big TIFF party we're doing. Including:

- 40 pillows (just think about that for a second - try and imagine one person trying to pull this off. It's harder than you think.)
- cow hide rug that smells like....beef
- plexi, so much plexi
- hundreds of feet of white fringe

At a stoplight yesterday I looked over at the bus stopped beside me and saw this painting on the side advertisement:

As I sat at Toronto's longest stoplight, I kept looking at this painting and it's really disturbing. Stabbing, fingernails clawing at a face, stepping on and throwing babies...seriously, is there not a happier painting to put on the side of a bus? It really turned me off my honey cruller. What about this one:

Look how happy everyone looks. Wine, flowered hats, flirting, wife beater tank tops, grapes...

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