Saturday, September 12, 2009


Melebration - the best time of the year - has come and gone. Sigh. I'm a person who gets really excited when my birthday comes around. I like everyone to acknowledge it - yes it may be childish, but...nope, nothing to say about that.

My parents got me the two furniture pieces I'd been eyeing - including the one that I missed out on because someone else bought it. I am so thrilled with both of them and I can't wait until they're part of my new home instead of just taking up space in the hallway!

My brother was home from Victoria for a week or so and it was really great to have him around to celebrate our birthdays together.
There comes a time when you realize that your brothers are grown men and people in their own right. We're all adults and it's pretty weird.

The regular crew and I hit up Toronto for Melebration 2009. I've been melebrating with these peeps for several years now and I always feel so lucky to have them part of my life. I have great friends and I appreciate how they always help me ring it in.

We went to the rooftop pool at the Hyatt and despite children and a loud air conditioning fan, it was great.

Dinner at Urban then commando dancing at Brant House followed by...not quite sure, but it involved pizza and elbows in my face.

Even though I try hard not to, I always get emotional on my birthday. Or, not really on my birthday, but any time I have the people I love in the world around me, there for me. More than anything I love reading (as much as hearing, if not more) how people feel about me. So, a simple birthday card can put me over the edge. Yes, I realize it's pathetic and probably seemingly insecure, but...nope, nothing to say about that.

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  1. Wow, that photo of you and your brothers made me feel very old. I remember when you used to tower over the both of them.