Saturday, September 12, 2009

Speed up? Then shut up.

I've been reading about this story of a woman who had her licence revoked and was fined under the new-ish street racing law, since she was doing 50 km over the posted speed limit. For some reason she was on the front of the newspaper and everyone is reporting the grand injustice against her. I think they're even calling it a constitutional rights issue.

They love to mention that she is a 62 year old grandmother (Gasp! Not a grandmother!) and was going that fast because she was "petrified of being in a truck's blind spot." She sped up to get ahead of the truck and avoid certain death, naturally. The picture is of her in front of her Oakville home and the Audi she was driving and she has an indignant, "Can you believe how I'm being treated?" face. Please.

Ok, listen, lady, you were going 50 km over the speed limit, which was 80km/hr. No one cares why. I will admit that I speed my way through life, but when I get a ticket or demerit points, I suck it up. Eventually. Maybe everyone is taking issue because the law is pegged as the "street racing" law, and this lady doesn't look at all like Paul Walker or Vin Diesel. Maybe in the chin a little bit.

Get over it and get a bus pass. Oh, and maybe it's not a great idea for people who become petrified while driving to be on the road.

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