Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sign of the Times

The printed word has caught my eye several times in the last week.  Here's a sample:

I love this idea.  A grassroots strategy to get feedback about our neighbourhood.  However, the method by which to relay this information is extremely limited.  The website is abysmal and no one responds to any comments posted.  Instead, we're supposed to comment through Twitter. 

Well, what about those people like me who are only on Twitter to follow and have never posted a single tweet?  I'm a taker, not a giver when it comes to 140 character thoughts.  They don't even have a Twitter account, just simply a hashtag #walkthedelta.

I think I might just print directly on these posters with a Sharpie, where my answer is surely to be thrown away.  Mostly, "I would walk the Delta, but...there are no trees, no green space, no planters.  It's a concrete expanse."  Truthfully, I do walk the Delta and have grown up around here, but it could certainly be visually improved a great deal.  I love this concept, but it needs to be implemented in a more effective way.

Well, this is just awesome.  Some cheeky business owner knows the nature of his profession and that time will indeed tell if his customers come to regret this tattoo.  My money is on yes.

This frustrates me so much.  Both the blatant grammatical error, as well as the massive size of it is so embarrassing.  If you're going to make a mistake, it's best that it's small enough to be overlooked.  You know, like when I make a spelling mistake on this blog, and it is only picked up by two or three readers.  A silver lining, if I've ever seen one. 

The other thought I have whenever I see such insane errors in newspapers or on signage, is that there were surely at least 6-8 people who saw this before it showed up on my doorstep, so why did no one bring up the gaffe?  I understand that it is not the publisher's responsibility, but if I were them, I would have made a quick call to the business, as a courtesy.  Or who is their graphic person?  Did they not notice the error?  It's so unfortunate.

This makes me happy.  In the location that previously housed Tower Pizza in my neighbourhood, I am pleased to learn that this meatball shop will be soon opening.  And free delivery!  Hurray
South Sherman.

This was just an unexpected part of Art Crawl on James Street North last week.  A massive protest and parade, overseen and protected by....the police made its way through the gallerinas and hipsters.  It's fairly timely since there was a civilian shooting death a few weeks ago that has not been fully explained, but it was a jarring sight.

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