Monday, July 8, 2013

"Excuse me...."

Asking someone to watch your computer at Starbucks is a strange exercise.  Naturally, after drinking a venti medium roast coffee, nature will call and it is necessary to choose someone suitable to guard your belongings while you take a bathroom break.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have carefully selected guardians based on the following criteria:

- proximity
- likelihood to steal my stuff
- level of weirdness
- age

Last week I asked an elderly lady to watch my computer and when I came back, I saw that she had fully turned her chair around and was intently staring at it, as if a thief could possibly swoop in and steal it at any moment.  I loved this.  She had made it her sole duty.

Today I asked a middle-aged man to take on the task and only after saying, "Excuse me" about four times did he grunt his acceptance.  When I thanked him upon my return, he ignored me.  Not quite the vigilant good Samaritan I had hoped for. 

I think next time I will put society to the test and not ask anyone.  I'm confident in our collective goodness.  Or take my laptop to the bathroom....

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