Thursday, June 20, 2013

Potato Head

It is officially bicycle season.  My trusty $15 garage sale bike continues to be amazing for tooling around, visiting the library, Ottawa Street, local friends and warranting my "Share the Road" bumper sticker.

The other evening I made my poorest bike decision to date.  I had dinner plans with friends a few blocks away and had committed to bringing potatoes.  I made these amazing scalloped potatoes and took them out of the over just as I was about to leave.  I decided to place piping hot potatoes into my bike basket, which was a) too small and b) too easily covered in dripping Gruyere.

It was the most stressful 10 minutes as I cringed at every bump in the road and watched the potatoes lurch out of the pan right before my eyes.  Then, when I arrived at my destination, I couldn't extract them from the basket.  In the end, they still tasted delicious, but not the best use of my brain.

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