Monday, March 7, 2011


Do you ever flip between radio stations in your car and the second you hear it's a commercial, you hit the next one? Sometimes I play this little game where I take the first word I hear from each station and put it together in a sentence or phrase. Yes, sometimes I am bored on my commute.

Today the game created this gem: "Open up men's pyjamas conveniently"
In other radio news, CHUM FM vows to play "Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey and everything in between!!" Um, who exactly would be in between these two extremes in musical stylings? Katy Perry? They're really limiting their range with that statement.
My disproportionately fat fingers have once again caused people to think I am engaged. I usually try to wear the ring on my middle finger, but eventually it begins to cut off my circulation so I move it to my fourth finger. Three times in the last month someone has presumed I am betrothed to someone. Betrothed to bacon, more like. It's a lifelong union. We're very happy together.
I recently read a survey where 86% of those questioned said that if they had the choice, they wouldn't remove a bad memory. I'm not sure I would say the same. Yeah, you can play the whole "everything, even bad things, molds us into the person we are today" thing, but I can think of a couple memories that I, the person I am today, could do without.

Big stuff aside, do you ever say or do something that makes you cringe in embarrassment when you think about it? One that always comes to mind is from a job interview during library school. After the interview went alright and I somewhat convinced them that I would be a keen and capable librarian, we all stood up and they ushered me out. As they shook my hand, they said something like, "Thanks for coming, it was great to meet you." - normal stuff. I don't know what was going through my head, but I must have still been nervous or relieved that it was almost over and I somehow I ended up shaking the interviewer's hand while saying, "There ya go!" There. Ya. Go. Not even 'you', but definitely 'ya' - like some back woods farmer who just gave a bale of hay to a horse. These were the last words I said at this interview. There ya go. Like they should be so pleased that I'm allowing them to shake my hand. Sort of what I imagine the Pope thinks when people kiss his insignia ring.

And of course, in true personal fashion, I can't leave it alone, I need to try and 'fix' it. I ran into the interviewer in the hallway later and while he might have already forgotten or maybe not even noticed, I brought it to the forefront of his mind again by sheepishly apologizing for it. There was no way to explain it so I tried to be charming instead.

I didn't get the job.

Every single time I remember this, I wince with emotional pain. Brutal.

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