Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness

March can be pretty bleak. Spring pretends it's going to arrive then throws a blizzard back in your face. People start doing their taxes. The time change throws us all out of whack. I decided that this March, things would be different.

For lack of a better name, March Madness was our attempt to shake things up and get us over the last hump of winter. Each weekend we did something that we'd never done before. Or at least something our group hadn't done before together. It was nice to have something planned each Saturday and we didn't even get sick of each other! The true test of friendship.

Weekend #1:
Indoor go-karting. I talked a lot of big talk before this one. I figured my speeding tickets would qualify me for front of the pack and an eventual win. Lots of 'Eat my dust' smack talk. I am sad to report that I was last. I started last and stayed last. I later found out that I was the only one braking while going around corners. What?!

Me: Yeah, I stayed in 7th place the whole time!
Dad: How many people were there?
Me: Um, 7.
Dad: *snort*

Susan came out in front and won the whole thing. With nary a speeding ticket to her name?! We all came out a little high from the contained fumes and skeptical of the hairnets we had to wear.

Weekend #2:
Indoor rock-climbing. I actually loved this. In fact, since then I've been back several times and am considering getting my own gear. Being a tall woman, apparently I started out with a natural advantage. I really like wearing the harness. Even when I'm not climbing, I just like having it on. Not really sure why...

You get all this instruction about harnesses, tying knots and belaying people and then they just say, "Ok, start climbing" with no tips whatsoever. But the next thing I knew I was at the top of this 40 foot wall while everyone stared up at my ass. It was exhilirating. The climbing, not the staring. Well, fine, sort of the staring.

I got addicted pretty quickly. That's how they get you - there's always a higher wall to climb. Turns out I'm a bit of yelper when I'm climbing. It's involuntary and fear based - I can't help it. I'm also pretty hard-core. Evidence: skinned elbows.

After my first major climb my hands wouldn't stop shaking. It's a fingertip workout if nothing else. (Aside, why do my hands look so huge here?)

Weekend #3:

Following in our streak of wearing other people's shoes, we all went bowling. Ok, so not really new, but still fun. My favourite part was giving everyone bowling monikers. Ashley, lover of all things Harry Potter/LOTR was christened "Bowldermort".

Chris and Susan brought their own balls and shoes and wiped the floor with us. I did not live up to my Hambone nickname. I fear it might have been a fluke. April brings promise of trampolining and indoor sky diving....looking forward to when we can tackle outdoor activities.

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