Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Missed Mariah

Perusing at the library this weekend I nearly gasped when I realized there is a Mariah Carey CD that I have somehow missed. I think I've admitted before that I went through a big MC phase in my late teens and even though her current stuff has nothing on her 90s stuff, I still end up buying her music.

This one came and went without my knowledge:

Listening to it, I figured out why. It's awful. Almost as bad as the cover art suggests. The funny thing I've noticed about Mariah Carey is that the lyrics in her songs are filled with words I'm pretty sure she doesn't use in real life. I'm also not convinced she knows their meanings.

Can you picture Mariah Carey saying these words?

- guise
- fervid
- supremacy
- acquiesce
- succumb
- impervious
- felicity

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