Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ski Trip 2011

Our annual ski trip is one of my favourite things of the whole year, right up there with the United Way Garage Sale in September and that perfect summer evening filled with lazy bike riding and California BLTs on the porch. Oh, and when the Dairy Queen near my house opens in March. This year, we had a super-suite and accordingly brought super amounts of food and alcohol - even though we were only there for 2 nights. Don't worry Mom, the alcohol was mostly for cuts and scrapes. I brought the biggest wheel of Brie I could find and shockingly, we didn't even finish it. What is wrong with us?!

Always up for trying new things and oddly convinced that I have an aptitude for winter sports, I decided to give snowboarding a shot. I took ski lessons in 9th grade and thought that having both feet on one board would be easier than the inevitable splits I experienced on skis back then. This was not the case. Paul and I were both complete beginners and got all geared up and headed for some lessons. Expecting that my skills would far surpass his, what with my ski lessons 15 years ago and all, I talked some big talk. Plus, he kept saying that along with camping and swimming, black people don't snowboard. Or go horseback riding.

I should learn to be leery of sports that require knee pads.

Somehow he quickly passed each level while I was stuck on the left toe turn, or whatever it's called. The instructor kept saying, "Look where you want to go!" - I kept glancing toward the chalet. Shortly after I plowed down the hill right between another beginner's legs screaming "Sorry, sorry, sorry!", he gracefully excused himself to hit the black diamonds. Where did this come from?! I should have stuck with skiing. Or the hot tub.
Other highlights:
- 2nd Annual Random Bed Jumping Competition...not sure why this started last year but it's really fun and has expanded into an hour long extravaganza. It's simply jumping on a bed, people! It probably shouldn't be this much fun.

- 2nd Annual Douchebag-Off...this is much worse than the bed jumping and has only been strengthened by Jersey Shore. I did not participate - on principle. Well, principle and I don't own any Ed Hardy. Thankfully. Paul and Ashley took the prize this year - it's a little unsettling how easily they slumped into these roles.

We went to the club for about 20 minutes (since a real life Douchebag-Off was in full swing with no sense of irony) and even up against my Popeye cigarette their sunglasses in the dark were the trashiest accessory.

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