Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Just Young At Heart, That's All

Sometimes I go along in my day very pleased with myself then am shot down in a matter of moments. Yesterday, for example, I decided that my motto would be "Make Better Choices". Not sure why, I was just in a mood. This was carried out in the following ways:

- eat the apple instead of the delicious cupcake

- slow down and stop speeding (that one was necessitated by radar sighting)

- eat the cucumber but don't eat the dip

- don't say something snarky just because you have the chance

- don't take that personally, because it's probably not about you

- instead of using your extra 10 minutes in the morning to experiment with eyeliner, which will inevitably result in raccoon eyes, go out and shovel

Happy with my small decisions and the motto running through my head, I told my teacher friend Naomi about it. She laughed and said, "That's exactly what my principal tells the kids on the PA system every morning - 'make better choices'. They're 6 years old!"

This stupid poster comes to mind:

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