Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lovin' the Love Monkey

Once upon a time the stars aligned to allow me to have both free cable and access to a channel that aired one of the best shows I've ever watched. It was a brief window as both the cable and the show were quickly cancelled. But, boy, that was a great month.

The show was called Love Monkey and starred Tom Cavanagh, Larenz Tate, Judy Greer and Jason Priestley. There was just something about it - I couldn't get enough. In fact, the show was so beloved that I was inspired to write Tom Cavanagh a fan letter. Luckily that passed, but I came pretty close. Told from a guy's perspective and set in NYC (natch) the show had everything - humour, relationships, music and great characters coming of age. I have no idea why it was cancelled because everything about it was perfection.
I soon learned that it was based on a novel by Kyle Smith, who, while an entertaining writer, really doesn't jive with the image in my head of the main character. Especially not since CBS has plunked Tom Cavanagh in my brain. This is Kyle Smith:

See what I mean? He's got more like a serial killer look going on. It's a shame...this is why I don't like to look at the jacket flap pictures of writers - it throws me off and sometimes influences how much I'm enjoying the book.

I was sent his book by a friend after I mentioned my obsession with the show (love this sort of considerate attention-paying) and it's become one of my go-to books when I don't have anything new on the go. It's quite good and here are a few examples of the writing that sum up his style. Very sharp.

"Bran doesn't carry a chip on her shoulder; she carries it in her hand, so she can jab you with it."

"I piece myself together uncertainly. 'Suave,' says my shampoo. 'All-purpose solution,' says my contact lens cleaning fluid. 'Total control,' says my styling gel. 'Cool,' says my antiperspirant. I am not living up to the expectations of my toiletries."

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