Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The weekdays have now become just things that stand in between my garage sales each weekend. I'm addicted. Every Saturday, I'm up at the crack of dawn, tooling around with Dru and Jen. This week we hit up Dundas (which, as a side note: Americans who have never heard of this town, pronounce it "Dooon-dis") and I added to my glass collection. Dru also convinced me to buy an old chandelier to fix up for my dining room. I appreciate her faith in my project abilities - let's see how it goes.

I also bought some vintage greeting cards. One with the subtle text, "Let's jump in the sack!" I bought 3 of those - you never know. No, no, I'm just kidding, Mom. I...didn't.

Spent the rest of the day in Toronto with Katy, where *sigh* we saw Sex and The City 2. I'm hanging my head in shame right now. It's like porn, you know it's going to be bad, but you know you're going to watch it anyway. Again, no Mom, I haven't or wouldn't...

It was the worst movie I have ever seen. Yep, I think I can say that truthfully. And I've seen Glitter! And Mr. Wrong with Ellen Degeneres. Or maybe I'm just fired up about it right now and will remember some old Mandy Moore movie I saw and reconsider.

It was insulting that the writers thought we would appreciate this script. Although, all the idiots around us kept laughing - talk about pandering to the lowest common denominator. Even the clothes, which were supposed to carry (should I say Carrie? No, I'll refrain.) us through this dreadful film were completely preposterous, gawdy and over the top.

It's like everything they might have done right in the series was put on overdrive until it became very, very bad. I think I actually slapped my forehead at one point, like that great scene in Annie Hall. See? Annie Hall - even lines like "La di dah" are so much better than an entire monologue by time-ravaged Carrie. And, I'm sorry, but that stupid skirt in the market - are you kidding me?

Running with the whole bad movie thing, I also managed to see Valentine's Day - thank you to Katy for being lovely enough to indulge my optimism that it might not be as bad as she thought it would be, especially since she was right. Iron Man 2 had real potential for best movie of the week, since I loved the first one and fashion my career attitudes on Pepper Potts, however....another disappointment.

Not as smart, sharp, or funny. Motivations didn't make sense, ScarJo was a terrible character - was she meant to be a villian or something?- not enough Pepper time. Putting Samuel L. Jackson in a movie doesn't automatically make it cooler. Even with an eye patch. It's not 1996. I will admit the Mickey Rourke main scene was pretty cool.

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