Thursday, June 17, 2010


Does Kraft Dinner go in the Green Bin or in the plastics Blue Box? No, really, I'd like to know. It's surely not food, but much closer to a low grade plastic product. Delicious, though.
I've now been living in my house for about 3 months and have just today discovered a new light switch. I didn't know what it did. Just imagine how my life is going to change!
Similarly, I recently discovered that I have peonies on my property! (I like saying property as it implies impressive grounds that span across the countryside.) The most beautiful and shortlived flower! Of course, I found them well after their peak and then had to trample them to paint my porch. So, that might be the end of them. Sigh. I think I would schedule my wedding to accommodate for peony season. Look how exquisite.

I recently made the mistake of washing potatoes then putting them back in their bag and then into the dark, cool place they prefer. I thought I was saving time. Instead, I've had to go on a massive hunt to determine what smelled so bad in my kitchen. And then repaint my cupboard. And suffer a call from the upstairs tenants asking if someone died. Lesson learned.
In my lifelong search for the proper way to keep orchids alive, I tried a new technique. I have an orchid that has gone over to the dark side and as I made breakfast today, I had a thought. So, I went with this thought and poured the bacon grease into the pot. I know what you're thinking, but maybe no one has ever tried it and what if it worked!?! I could be a phaleonopsis superstar, reknowned the world over, and I would get to meet Martha Stewart! Yeah, well it failed. Sorry Martha.
I have a tiling guy in to do my basement tiles. This is fantastic and one step closer to completing my house, but there is a downside. The floor is now 2" closer to the ceiling. Which means I have to duck an additional 2". I figured this out around midnight last night when I drew blood on my forehead. Excellent.
With the current Winnie Cooper economic climate, I have to make a choice - get my car detailed (it's disgusting) or get white wicker furniture set for front porch (which I really, really want to complete the whole porch look I'm going for). I've been scouring garage sales, but I think I'll have to buy it new, if I can still find it. As for the detailing, it made me so happy when I got it done once. However, the reason I needed to get it done was not so happy.

I had just bought the car and set out with my friends in tow for a glorious beach day. Dear Draker exited my car and noticed some weird stains on his clothes, but we didn't think much of it. The next day, he was grocery shopping and felt for his wallet in his back pocket. Instead, got a handful of his ass, as his jeans had completely disintigrated.

He also had to stay home from work that day as he was feeling queasy, light-headed and generally unwell. As time went on, we put things together. The culprit: the son of the guy who sold me the car had placed a car battery upside down on the backseat and didn't tell anyone. The battery acid seeped out and into my upholstery. Since it's not something I typically notice or look for when buying a car, I had no idea.

I felt awful for Draker, tried to make amends and got the car seller to pay for my car to be detailed. No more battery acid, but now no one will sit in my backseat. It doesn't help that the seatbelt has been corroded out, so it's probably not a bad idea.

Um, yeah....

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