Tuesday, June 22, 2010


If one day, decades or centuries from now, historians and sociologists determine that texting was single-handedly responsible for the downfall of modern civilization and the deterioration of interpersonal relationships, I, for one, will not be one bit surprised. I should go on a texting cold turkey detox diet. Should, but probably won't.
I used my lawn trimmer yesterday for the first time and found out that I now have a complete set of lawn cutting instruments that are way too powerful for me. To use the lawnmower, I have to put all of my back into it and usually end the process sweaty and exhausted. It's a total machine. Efficient and I love that it's gas powered, but I'm pretty sure I should have a mower license to operate it.

Now, I find out that the lawn trimmer is way too fast! I ended up flying soil and wood chips all around as I tried to get the errant weeds. Some hit me in the face and cut up my ankles! Maybe I should use scissors like those fastidious old men you see maintaining their lawns.

I'm now expecting my garden hose to be as strong as those hoses they use to break up riots. Look out, geraniums.
What is with those people who get into their cars ass first? Usually they're older people, which is fine, but yesterday I saw a guy around my age doing that! And he wasn't fat or anything. Who has time for that or who even thinks to get in that way? I go in feet first and am in second gear before my ass touches upholstery. No time, people!!
Is there a more beautiful vegetable (or is it a fruit?) than the avocado? It's so impressive. The pit, the consistency, the stunning colour. And I love the trick Barefoot Contessa taught me to remove the pit. The avocado is my new favourite summer treat. And, I've been informed they are "healthy" fat, so I'm good to go! Not that that would have stopped me though. I've been making guac and putting it on BLTs. Delicious. Just look at it - hard not to love. It's like the eggplant, another vegetable I think is stunning. But, disgusting.

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