Monday, June 14, 2010


Ok, I know I've already ranted about this, but it's still super annoying! Has there been a new training mandate at Tim Horton's that insists employees count out each and every one of the Timbits they put in a 20-pack?

It used to be (in the good ole days) that the boxes were jammed full and the staff just stuffed them in by the handful. Now, I walked away, dejected, as I counted out exactly 20. How does it make sense? Fewer Timbits, but more money? I feel like this is a reflection of the downfall of our greater economic situation. Yep, yep, I do.

Sure, eating exactly 20 Timbits still makes me sick, but I should be at least 30% sicker! What does the 16 year old kid care if I get more than 20? Come on!!!

I work in Hamilton now - this is all I've got! It's ALL I've got, people.

Ok, back to work - and sanity.

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