Friday, June 11, 2010

Garage Sale Update: The Bike

Very successful garage sale-ing last weekend. We went to the large one in Caledonia where pretty much the entire town throws things on their front lawns. Tracy and I were both searching (competing?) for a bike. We came across a guy selling 3 bikes - she scooped up the best one ... or so we thought. I settled for paying $5 for a fairly crummy bike, but one that would serve my purposes: using for neighbourhood garage sales and eventually getting stolen.

It was held together with some duct tape and was pretty beat up. Why is it on the ground? Because it doesn't even have a kick stand, that's why. Boo, beater bike.

We threw it in the truck and continued on to pick up a Christmas tree stand, old grandma painting and yet another crystal decanter. Then, like a beacon on the hill, stood another bike. A better bike. The bike I had imagined tooling around on all summer. I got the nice lady down to $12 and threw that into our truck full o' bikes.

Look how much nicer! And it's navy - quickly becoming my favourite colour. After a $50 tune-up and polish, all it needs now is a handlebar basket which will hold baquettes, fresh cut flowers and my dreams to live like I'm in a movie. Yay! And, see how it's standing - that's right, kickstand. So, I sent the first bike out to pasture i.e. left it on Tracy's front lawn.

When we came back to our vehicle, which we thought we had cleverly parked at the supermarket lot, this is what we found.
Looks like the shopkeepers weren't so happy - and they know a thing or two about keeping people off their land up there. It was quite the obstacle course to extricate the truck.

So, for this Saturday, I am still looking for a bookcase, rolling pin, and above all, white wicker furniture set for my front porch. This is my white whale. Sometimes there are sale mirages that reveal Sold signs on them as I get closer and many times I end up offering people to sell the furniture right off their porch. I'm desperate.

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