Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Still More Randomness

You know you've been watching too much 30Rock when you write "Blerg" in someone's birthday card.
I'm pretty sure today was the first time I began an email with the sentence, "This is highly suspicious." I have an ad up on Kijiji and Craigslist to sell my old bedroom set (a beautiful set in impeccable condition if anyone's interested! You'll get a blog-reader's discount), and this totally sketchy woman emailed me.

She might as well have said that she was a Nigerian prince who needs my help to get millions out of an African bank. She ended her 'highly suspicious' email with the line, 'have a nice time'. So weird!! And yet, I know how some people get scammed, because a part of me still is holding out that she wants to buy it legitimately.

Blerg is right!
I (accidentally) turned the heat too low on my tenants again this weekend. This prompted a 1am phone call while I was in Toronto, unable to do anything about it. Felt very, very bad and left a sincerely contrite message for them after cranking the heat when I got home.

Now, I've had the heat so high all week. I'm waiting for them to call for me to lower it. This is the third time it's happened - not good, Winnie, not good. I can't very well ask them for the password for free internet now!

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