Thursday, May 13, 2010

A little P&Q is A-OK

There is something to be said for living the simple life. Listening to some of my friends' tales of drama and chaos lately has really made me appreciate the seemingly dull week I'm having. While they are stressing, indulging in toxic company, trying to steer their life back on course, I am coasting along serenely. Ok, a little dull.

I go to work, come home, check the mail, go to the gym, come home, make dinner, cut flowers for my bedside table, putter around, read, write some letters while listening to Marvin Gaye or Lily Allen, watch a movie, have a bubble bath and go to bed. Once this week I have shaken things up by visiting a friend or having a shower instead of a bath, but it's been a very low-key, simple week.

I've gotten rid of the drama in my life, streamlined to only include the people that mean something to me and am just focusing on myself. I know that next week will pick up and life will one day soon include some drama again, but for the time being, I'm really enjoying the peace.

However, I did have the thought this week on a rainy Tuesday, while eating soup (yes, I am now a person who buys and eats soup from a can, but surprisingly it was very warm and comforting): "I'm living the life of someone who has a cat."

That's enough motivation to shake it up.

No offense K or S. :)

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  1. Seems to me more like the people you know with cats are boring (which I can say because I'm one of them)