Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long Weekend Lalalala

Ah, the long weekend. Typically, I stay in town and lament that it seems everyone else is doing something more fun. Not this year! I was adamant about getting out of the city, so SB and I headed north to my family cottage near Huntsville. The weather was beautiful - very unusual for the May long weekend and we spent most of the time swimming and sunning (roasting) on the dock. This dock.

I am bitten and burned beyond recognition. And it doesn't help that I didn't notice the string of my bathing suit - so my back is tomato red with a white stripe down the middle.

Besides the sunning, we walked 10 km into "town". Kearney - as hick as it sounds, the biggest little town. I didn't think we'd end up walking the whole way but rewarded ourselves with french fries and a LCBO stop. Naturally, we really didn't want to walk all the way back, so we hitchhiked. Actually hitchhiked. Several cars drove right back, probably because we were carrying a bottle of booze and one of us was wearing a shirt that had something about a dirty cowgirl. Ma and Pa Muskoka aren't stopping for that type of riffraff.

Eventually a young guy stopped (natch) and we jumped in. Rescue Dave, as he was dubbed, took us all the way home and it turned out his cottage was right across the road from ours. Fast friends. Rescue Dave came by with Sunglasses Kenny and Weirdo John to take us ATV-ing. I helmet-ed up and somehow Shari did not. Turned out well that way, as I was the one to take a tumble. Sunglasses Kenny was the crazy driver and Winnie Cooper hadn't been ATV-ing before.

Surely showing off, we went way off-road, scaling rocks, swamps, hills and rocks again. I don't remember how it happened but I just remember being thrown from the ATV, landing on my back and watching as the huge machine started rolling on top of us. I willed myself not to scream. It didn't work.

SB later told me that when we saw me go down, she was thinking, "Oh great, she's going to cry and she's going to want to go to the hospital." Probably sensing that, I resisted that reaction and hopped right back on like a trouper. I wanted to wear my sunglasses so got rid of the goggles, which resulted in handfuls of dirt in my face. I've been crunching sand for 2 days.

Later on, we went boating, venison-eating and smore-making. Great weekend and although I'm in all sorts of pain and covered in bruises, I wouldn't have changed a bit.

Oh, and in between all of that, I finished this puzzle. Yep, I'm a wild and crazy gal.

On the drive home, I had a lovely lap picnic as SB and I did the Proust Questionnaire - great distractions from the Victoria Day traffic.

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