Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Neighbourhood Notes

Spent a lovely weekend around my house. Turns out yard work really sucks. It's back-breaking work and I really don't have the shoes for it yet. Luckily my lovely parents showed me the ropes and I'll forgive Dad for using my new Henkels knife for weeding.

Love the whole process of getting everything organized. Happily spent time at Bulk Barn getting spices (did you know that spices are so cheap!!!??? I got 12 different ones for $4.32).

It's sort of sick how much I enjoy organizing, puttering and doing things around my house to make it just the way I want it. I even love garbage day because I am so organized with my recycling and I think the neighbours should be impressed with what I put out.

My neighbourhood is quite lovely. This is what I wake up to every day. Ok, so it's not my yard, but adjacent flowers do the trick too. Plus less work.

Many of the homes are really nice and the flowers are up everywhere. Sure, I did see a random guy fighting with a garbage bag on the way home last night, but that was, like, blocks away. Blocks. But really, he was punching and kicking the garbage bag like it had said something bad about his mother. Trash talked, if you will.

I'm giggling over here about my puns. Sigh.

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