Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Team Kevin and Winnie

The classic Kevin Trivia Hoodie Distraction Block-Out. However, even with all this concentrated effort, he still managed to put down the word "Nubbles" as an answer. Anyone would be hard pressed to come up with a question that matches an answer of "Nubbles".

Although we won the first round, and benevolently donated our winning nachos, we were faced with this handout. Sci-fi movies aren't our forte but Kevin got 2 answers correct. Not, however, Captain Skyfighter or Bill Shatner's hairpieces.

Ah, trivia. It's been a good season.

Team mates made cry: 1
Team mates made to leave the team and never return to the bar: 1
Explanations for lettuce as a nacho topping: 0
Times Kevin and I have let the fireplace seat break our concentration: 4
Good team names we have come up with: 1 ("I have to go home and wash my arms" - which only I found funny since I just saw Date Night, but Kevin could appreciate)
Questions about Spice Girls: 2
Questions about science fiction or Lord of the Rings: one billion (perceptional estimate)
Bouts of trivia rage: 8-10
Money won as first place winners: $200 and counting
Number of mozzarella sticks I will consume when we have our season-end party to spend said money: 6-20 (rough estimate since I have thus far lived my life without trying a mozzarella stick - anticipate enjoying them)


  1. Kevin looks more like he's ready for a game of high stakes poker in that hoodie than a game of trivia!

  2. 1) I got 3 right.
    2) it's Colonel Skyfighter tyvm. He didn't spend 7 years in space school to be called Captain.