Friday, April 30, 2010

The Have Nots

I don't have Internet at home - this accounts for the infrequent posting.

I don't have cable at home - this accounts for the 30Rock DVD viewing.

I don't have a can opener at home - this means NO SOUP FOR ME!!

I don't have laundry facilities at home - this means I am behaving like a college student who takes their laundry home to Mom. Although I truly enjoy doing laundry, it's pretty great. Thanks Mom!

I don't have a green thumb - at home or anywhere - this means I have now killed 2 orchids. Orchids should not be sold to just anyone. They should come with their own gardener or caregiver who will come by every other day to take care of it. I now have a pot full of dead sticks on my mantle.

I don't have a lawnmower at home - I am expecting a call from the neighbours any day now to complain about the unsightly view of my front lawn. I think a dog went missing in the long grass. I keep hear whimpering. Or a small child, I guess.

I don't have time to post the "I have" list.

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