Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring has sprung!

All of a sudden it's spring. I don't think things look as green as they do today. The canopy of trees that line my street is starting to bud and it makes me smile.

The changing temperatures has taught me something. Apparently, it is not okay to turn off the heat on your tenants, thinking you're saving money. Even if it's a super hot Monday. Because a super cool Tuesday will follow and you will get a call of unhappiness. Interesting.

With these warm days we've had that certain type of Hamiltonian has emerged. Driving around is really depressing. Grandmothers in tank tops, (who are, like, 32 years old btw), men wearing sleeveless tees revealing too many arm band tattoos to count, belly baring tops, acid wash denim overall shorts, men who think it's okay to walk around shirtless, jogging pants, shorts so tight I can see...just spent too long thinking of something not disgusting to write, but have failed, so I'll say nothing.

Why? Why does Hamilton dress so awfully and trashy? This isn't helping our reputation people! It's unbearable.

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