Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Randomness with Rage

Why, oh why, don't more people use the self-serve checkout lines? Are they intimidated? Are they stupid? Are they lazy? So many lemmings look at the empty self-serve lanes but then decide to get in a massive line to be served by a gum-smacking teenager who isn't entirely sure of the difference between red peppers and apples.

The self-serve checkouts aren't difficult, people! They are fun, usually faster and sometimes you can swipe extra bananas. Stop being annoying!

If you don't, then don't you dare complain when I decide to pay with Canadian Tire money. Yes, sir with the scowly face, adding up to $25.79 in nickel bills does take quite a while.
So sick of business websites that are trying to be oh-so-cool. I don't care about your graphics or special effects. I don't know what a flash plug-in is and I'm sure as hell not going to download something just to get your address. If I click on something that does not mean I want to be taken into some third dimension portal with ninja stars of information spiralling at me.

I'm looking at you, Dragonfly: Boooo.
Attention all radio personalities: if this is the career you think is for you, here's a clue - stop being so stuttery and verbally incontinent! All you have to do is talk. That's it. Putting words together in an orderly and timely fashion should not be a problem. Marilyn Denis from CHUM FM (yes, I listen to that station) is lately the worst culprit. If she's not tripping over her words she's making some stupid noise that is probably best accompanied by the face she's making, WHICH I CAN'T SEE.

Besides getting up early, being a part of a 3 piece morning radio team has got to be a cake walk. What is the problem here? Come up with some anecdotes, don't be lame, avoid dead air and play the music. If not for my rapid fire speed of speech, I would go for this. Argh.
Listen up, Cashier Guy at Bulk Barn: when I say thank you for helping me bag my unbleached flour and knock-off Maltesers, do not say "No worries" ... constantly. I wasn't worried! How about "You're welcome" or "No problem". I HATE when people say "No worries" unless it truly was a worrisome issue. It makes it seem like I was really concerned and dedicating thoughts to this person and their ability to 'help me'.

When everyone knows I'd rather dedicate thoughts to bitching about it afterwards.

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