Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movin' on in...

I have moved in!!! I'm loving it, but still not fully unpacked or used to bumping my head on the low ceilings. Or the shower pressure. Honestly, if someone dribbled water out of their mouth, it would be better than what I've got over there. But then there would be the uncomfortable kinky situation with water dribbler guy...

I've been grocery shopping and have found the following things remarkable:

- this is hands-down the best mayonnaise I have ever tried. If ever a food could be described as silky, it is this. It's way more than mayonnaise.

- when buying bread, the options are confounding. Ancient grains, 7 grain, 12 grain 14 grain!!!! Seriously, I'm not going to buy something that says it's old right on the package and why would I buy anything other than the 14 grain? I can get double the grain content!!!

This is when I actually buy healthy bread. Typically, it's the Wonder-ful white for grilled cheese.

- it is possible to get 10 lbs of carrots for 99 cents! How is this even possible? No really. Think about it. It's like potatoes - they're the heaviest and still require work to get them out of the ground and yet they practically give them away! I bet the farmers who got into the carrot business are pretty pissed about how things worked out for them.

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