Sunday, April 4, 2010

LGFW - the end

It has been a long couple weeks, but the event went over really well. Glad we can finally get some sleep and full meals.

A breakdown of the week:

- number of mutilated tights = 3 (sent Rob out to get me a new pair after I tried to stop a run with hairspray - girls, this does not work - he returned with the most expensive tights I've ever worn and with the most constrictive control top...I get it, boss-man)

- number of sofas/risers/dancer platforms lifted = 12

- number of caramel macchiato lattes consumed = 3 per day

- number of volunteers we sent to fetch said lattes = 14 throughout the week

- number of volunteers whose name we remembered = 2 (although we called them by nicknames: Opera and Bluetooth for specific reasons)

- number of nights I got "tipsy" = 1 (closing night party - Robin Kay remarked the next day, "I heard you were doing the tango on some guy's back." Wildly exaggerated. How is that even possible?)

- number of Freshii wraps eaten = 2 (best new discovery)

- number of parking tickets = 2

- number of Discount rental trucks demolished = just the 1, it's ok...

Highlight of the Week:

Was mistaken for a model. Probably because I was wearing my highest heels, shortest skirt and standing around looking vacant.

Lowlight of the Week:

Got bumped from my front row seat at the Evan Biddell show for 2 kids from Degrassi.

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