Thursday, August 13, 2009

What I learned today....

1) If I snooze, I will lose. That dresser unit I've been coveting had a SOLD sign on it today when I went to buy it. If ever my face was crestfallen, it was today at 5:17pm. Sigh. It really took the wind out of my sales (yes, I did make that typo, but then thought it could work, so I left it). However, I will not make this mistake in the future. The next cool piece of furniture I see, I will not wait several weeks to buy. Three weeks maximum.

2) My friend Naomi, who is a school teacher, is very bored this summer. This is what she took the time to do today. It actually might turn out to be helpful since I'm currently deciding on my new haircut.

3) The cards offered by Hallmark or other companies are completely useless. None of them say what I want to say. I actually sent a birth card to someone that said, about their brand new baby boy, "He's a catch!" Ugh. From now on, only homemade cards. With glitter and macaroni glued on.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, don't joke... I'm pretty sure you actually got a haircut once that looked like the second one, and it wasn't in the 80's either! Just goes to show that nobody is immune to my boredom. Good thing school starts soon!