Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer So Long

Today is the last day of August, and effectively the last day of summer, as I see it. Sure, we may get one or two more scorching days, but each morning from here on out will begin with frosty dew on each car and I fear my swimming days are behind me for another year. I adore an Indian Summer and I hope we get one, but I always enjoy the transition into fall. The colours, the smells (that usually include a pig roasting at the restaurant on the corner), the ability to wear Henleys and wool dresses with bare legs for only a few short's all good.

Plus, the pressure of summer is over. Every sunny day of summer has to be THE BEST DAY EVER!!! We don't want to waste any of them. People have every weekend planned to the gills, BBQs are a requirement and there is always something more seasonally appropriate I could be doing. I love summer, but I enjoy the different pace of fall. People are back to work, back from vacation and more open to doing something because they're not exhausted from all the BEST TIMES EVER.

I like to hunker down, hibernate, pull out the wool tights and black patent flats and submit to the crisp bite in the air. I guarantee in about 4 months, I will be bemoaning the temperature and probably commit several posts to winter driving alone, but I hope I remember this feeling as summer tips over to fall. There's nothing like it.

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